- Male threads screw directly into the vessel, securing the sensor assembly. Multiple mounting configurations are shown.

PG Series Packing Glands (PG) - Single bore compression sealing glands of stainless steel construction include a "soft sealant" that allows adjustable immersion, securing of probe, and environment sealing.

Midlock Fitting (MK) - This all stainless steel assembly is used for gas or liquid sealing and may be opened and resealed at a fixed immersion depth.

W-Fitting (W) - A stainless steel fitting is brazed or welded to the probe for a rugged leak-tight mounting.

Nipple-Union-Nipple Configuration (NUN) - This configuration allows the terminal head to be positioned for easy assembly and alignment with conduit. Optional spring-loaded nipple is supplied for use with thermowell assemblies.

Thermowells (T/W) are available in varying configurations in stainless steel, alumina oxide (Al203) or brass for additional protection of your sensor assembly.

A weld pad (F) can be provided to allow easy welding of a sensor hot junction directly to a pipe or other surface.
Adjustable fittings may be installed onto any terminal/probe assembly, allowing probe adjustment and environmental sealing.


1. T7 Terminal Box:
The weatherproof gasketed aluminum T7 terminal box can accommodate up to 40 terminals and is ideal for multiple probe or extra long thermocouple assemblies.

2. T11 Screw Cover Head: The T11 termination provides a screw cover with chain leash and a 6-post terminal block, The T11 is available in cast aluminum (AL) or plastic (PL). An optional spring loaded assembly allows complete disassembly and removal of the sensor probe without dismantling the terminal head from the conduit or vessel.

3. T8E Explosion-Proof Head (CSA/NRTL/C & UL): T8E assemblies can be supplied to meet CSA/NTRL/C standards with UL terminations for use in hazardous locations.

4. T8E Explosion-Proof Head (NEMA 7): The T8E explosion-proof head features a gray iron body with an aluminum screw cover. It accommodates up to 8 leads. This termination meets NEMA 7 requirements.
5. T5 Terminal Head (NEMA 4): The T5 ("O"-ring sealed) is a highly versatile NEMA 4-rated head featuring 6 terminal posts. It is available in aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel.

6. T8 Screw Cover Head: The T8 is our standard, weatherproof cast iron, gasket-sealed screw cover head with black epoxy-coated (E-COAT) exterior for corrosion prevention. This head accepts up to 8 leads.

7. T12 Camlock Head: The T12 features an easy-to-open globe design with camlock. A simple flick of the lock provides easy access to this weatherproof aluminum head. The T12 accepts up to 4 leads.

8. P4 Minature Plastic Head: Minature, weatherproof terminal head for corrosive environment applications provides 4 terminals.

9. Roll Temp Assemblies: Roll Temp assemblies are ideal for sensing surface temperature on drums, rollers or other moving surfaces. Thes are designed to detect temperature variations in continuous process applications for relative temperature measurement. These include high temperature assemblies (HTRT), sliding contact assemblies (RT) and high-speed assemblies (HSRT).